About the artist

"to create, to dream & to connect"


Lieke Koster (LisaKeetie) is a twenty-year-old Dutch artist who expresses her emotions and thoughts through paintings and drawings. She finds joy in sharing her work with others. Sharing art is, in in her opinion, what gives art value - it stirs up memories, opinions and emotions and creates an atmosphere for conversation and discussion. 


Her paintings are expressive and unique and are mostly symbolic-figurative or abstract. Lisakeetie works with different types of traditional media and prefers using watercolors, inks and oil paints at the moment. 



◦ LisaKeetie ◦ info@lisakeetie.com ◦ lisakeetie@gmail.com ◦ www.facebook.com/lisakeetie ◦ KvK-nummer: 69292159 ◦ btw-nummer: NL228144115B01 ◦ Oosterpark 90, 9404 BK Assen ◦